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Tigershark Publishing is an e-publishing venture from DS Davidson: author, poet, and previously editor of the first eighteen issues of Garbaj magazine. Established in 2013, Tigershark ezine is rele…

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Dark Horizons, Dark of the Moon Up for B&N Bookstore Distribution — jamesdorrwriter

This is encouraging news! Charles P. Zaglanis of Elder Signs Press announced today via Facebook: “Barnes & Noble wants multiple copies of DARK HORIZONS in all its stores chain-wide.” Elder Signs Press, we may remember, will also be publishing my upcoming novel-in-stories, TOMBS: A CHRONICLE OF LATTER-DAY TIMES OF EARTH, in spring-summer next year (cf. […]

via Dark Horizons, Dark of the Moon Up for B&N Bookstore Distribution — jamesdorrwriter

Pre-kickstarter fundraiser!

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Check it out!  Blog interview of me about my story “Bridge Out” and my writing background in preparation for Clash of the Titles anthology!

Interview with David M. Hoenig, M.D.

David M. Hoenig, MD- Author

Published Stories by David M. Hoenig:

(Also, see David’s Amazon Author webpage here !)


You Could Count On That … Nebula Rift Magazine –  Now, also to Digital Fiction Publishing here!

Freedom Is Not Free … Nebula Rift Magazine- Now also to Flametree Publishing in beautiful hardback copy here!

Frail Vessel … Nebula Rift Magazine-

“Of Kings, Queens, And Knaves”… The King In Yellow Anthology (Nonbinary Review/Zoetic Press)- free, available through Litho Reader App on iphone/ipad platforms- https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10152823445016836&set=gm.473101452845821&type=1  (Free)  **UPDATE: Also, now available for free here !

“Asteroid Christmas”… Warlords of the Asteroid Belt anthology (Rogue Planet/Horrified Press)- Warlords Of The Asteroid Belt Anthology

“Mother Lode”… dark sci fi, in Dark Horizons, published by Charles P. Zaglanis- here, on amazon!


“The Boy Who Was A Snow Owl”, “Rough Adolescence”, “Salted Earth” … Growing Pains Anthology (Horrified Press/Sinister Saints)-  ‘Growing Pains’ Anthology

Ride Into Legend  … Winner, Pony Express Weird Wild West Fiction Contest (Espec Books)- (Free)

Madness Is In The Eye Of The Beholder … 3rd Place Winner, Freaky Flash Fiction Contest (Morning Rain Publishing)  (Free)— now also to Horrified Press

 ‘X2’ Anthology  … “Cateye Gleaming In The Dark” in ‘X2’ Anthology of weird stories- now also to Cast of Wonders!

My Boy … Dark Chapters Press (August Fiction Contest Winner 8/2015)  (Free)

Flashes of Darkness Halloween Special 2015 … Dark Chapters Press anthology – my story in that collection is “Number One Arms Dealer”

Approximations That Gradually Approach The Truth … Steampunk meets cosmic horror in Boston- published in The Horror Zine, Spring 2016

Fugitives … “Back To The Sea”, “The Boy Who Cried”, “The Munchkin G-OZ-ette”

Over There … Via Dark Chapters Press (free)

Nine Tenths… in Tales from the Witch’s Cauldron

Pruning The Garden… Deadman’s Tome (free!)

North by Due North… Deadman’s Tome (free!)

More Tales From The Blue Gonk Cafe… Horrified Press/Thirteen O’Clock Press: multiple flash fiction pieces as told by storytellers at the Blue Gonk Cafe.   Mine: Rude Awakenings, Cornucopia, More the Idea than the Reality, Precipice, and The Day After the Emperor’s New Clothes 🙂

In A Flash… Sinister Saints/Horrified press: 4 flash fiction pieces: “Touchy Feely Freshman Bullshit”, “Goth Girl Overdrive”, “Spelling Bee”, and “Grown Up Young”

Aces and Kings… Atlantean Press “A Terrible Thing” Anthology


Deva Rising …. Drunk Monkeys Literary  (Free)

The Poem As Computer Program …. Rhizomatic Ideas, Nonbinary Review/Zoetic Press  (Free)

“1001 Arabian Nights and the Woman-as-Intellect”… The Arabian Nights Anthology,  (Nonbinary Review/Zoetic Press)- free, available through Lithomobilus App on iphone/ipad platforms- https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10152823445016836&set=gm.473101452845821&type=1  — now here!

Empathy Or Sociopathy …. Rhizomatic Ideas, Nonbinary Review/Zoetic Press  (Free)

“The Nurse”…  Tells the story of the nurse in Wilkie Collins’ famous, seminal detective novel about women’s rights in Victorian England, “Woman in White”.   An incidental character of WiW, this tale explores her background and the risks of her life and identity as a transgender person and how her life intersects with those of the main characters of the novel.  Nonbinary Review/Zoetic Press (Lithomobilus/Litho Reader- Free ipad/iphone app and free content)— now here!

No Answer In The Dark… to Centum Publishing “100 voices”

No Atheist… to “Burger Van”, published by Michael Bray (Free for download, though donations to the International Animal Rescue organization is suggested)

Always Look On The Bright Side… Flash Fiction Magazine

The Body Horror Book…. Medical Horror… Oscillate Wildly Press-


Fall Edition of ‘The Horror Zine’

November 2015 “Editor’s Pick” Poet, The Horror Zine  (Free)

Universal As Hydrogen- Yellow Chair Review (on mourning, reflection, and the Day of the Dead)- 11/1/15 (FREE)

The Horror Zone Summer 2016 – 3 poems; 1 sestina, 2 rondeau (available via Amazon in print or epub)

“The State of the Art of War Against Entropy” – accepted, to the ‘Art of War’ anthology of Nonbinary Review/Zoetic Press (Lithomobilus/Litho Reader- Free ipad/iphone app and free content): Art of War principle applied to the fight against cancer (Free on Litho Reader), or here

“He Paints for Dilettantes and One Connoisseur” – accepted to the ‘Study in Scarlet’ anthology of Nonbinary Review/Zoetic Press- here

3 poems: “Ba-Doom, Ba-doom”, “The Traveler and the Nameless Mists”, and “The 6-6-6 Sestina”, in Mightier than the Sword anthology, Horrified Press

“The Loneliest Number”- in Alone anthology, Horrified Press

“Jack Out Of The Box”, “Jack And Jill, Redux”- in Monsters Among Us – Oscillate Press Anthology


https://www.spreaker.com/embed/player/standard?episode_id=9231349&autoplay=false“>Interview with David on Deadman’s Tome August, 2016


Bridge Out… to Clash of the Titles anthology

Power of a Quaint Notion… to Dark Chapters Press “A to Z” anthology

Thy Self, Thy Enemy… to Dark Chapters Press “Edge of Darkness” anthology

Technotheosis… to Dark Chapters Press “Kids 2” anthology

Key To Heaven… TAANSTAFL Press- “Enter the Aftermath” Anthology

A Gaunt Silence Within Snowy Woods… Ariel Chart